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[Revenue Share] Looking for talent: Community Owned MOBA-Like Brawler Game

Hey everyone,

We are Project F, an up-and-coming gaming venture initiated by top-tier players from the Battlerite, Heroes of the Storm, Fangs, Eternal Return and other MOBA-like gaming communities.

Driven by the void left by the decline of these games, we're committed to crafting a gaming experience we'd passionately engage with ourselves. In the spirit of how Dota began as a community-driven endeavor, Project F is rooted in the same ethos of grassroots development.

Background: Core Gameplay: WASD-driven moba arena fighter. Influences: Battlerite, Fangs, Loki, Dota, and more. Project Stage: Initial goal is a polished prototype featuring a dynamic arena and a roster of heroes. Compensation: We’re laser focused on the initial steps, but we see potential for legal entity formation and subsequent VC or crowdfunding opportunities post-prototype.

Team members across multiple continents, brought together by a shared passion.

What Sets Us Apart: Community-Driven Development: We prioritize community, focusing on collaborative development to create a game that resonates with its players. Diverse Skill Set Team: Our team spans from software engineers to professional gamers, from digital marketing experts to data scientists. Strategic Vision: We're not just making a game; we're crafting a narrative of “from players to players” that appeals to both players and investors.

Roles We Are Interested In

  • Artists & Designers: Whether you specialize in 3D, 2D, VFX, or PFX, we are looking for aesthetically gifted individuals who can bring the visual elements of our game to life.
  • Engineers: The backbone of our project. Be it Backend, Frontend, or Network Engineering, your technical skills will be invaluable for the development of a robust, scalable game.
  • More: Got skills that don't fit into these categories but still want to contribute? Reach out. We're interested in anyone who can add value to Project F.

While we don't set any minimum level of contribution and respect your personal schedules, please recognize that this is not a quick-turnaround project and will require a considerable timeframe for completion.

Potential Gameplay Features:

Varied Game Modes: Including but not limited to 'Capture the Flag,' 'Payload Escort,' and 'King of the Hill.' Dynamic Objectives: Taking cues from systems similar to 'Heroes of the Storm,' where map objectives shift to add strategic depth. Advanced Skill Mechanics: Focused on precision skill-shots and area-of-effect abilities that emphasize player skill and strategic risk-taking. Additional Concepts Under Exploration.

Interested? Whether you're a veteran or a passionate newbie, this is your chance to be part of something special.

Reach out for a chat by adding “anomie” or “sheepainu” via Discord.

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