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Digital Sculpture Needed for Architectural Thesis (Chief Powhatan)

I'm in the penultimate semester of architectural grad school working on my thesis. My project is a redesign of RFK stadium in Washington D.C. - the now abandoned stadium of the former Washington Redskins. Part of my project is a total rebranding of the Washington NFL franchise to more closely align with the Native American traditions and spirit of the team.

I'm currently leaning toward the Washington Warriors, and I've already developed some parti models of the logo, uniforms and font style (all reminiscent of the original Redskins version minus anything that could be interpreted as disrespectful). The tone I'm shooting for is one of nobility, bravery, strength and brotherhood - no better qualities for an NFL team.

The stadium I'm designing is in the classical style (commensurate with the other federal buildings on the same axis through Washington D.C. - like the U.S. Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, etc.) Given the monumental style, my design will incorporate sculptural elements throughout the architecture. I will be modeling basic humanoid forms to fill most of these niches (as the scale of the project is so large that it will prevent anyone from zooming in close enough to discover I'm an aspiring architect and not a sculptor), but for one instance I will need the help of a digital sculptor more talented than me. 

The entry sequence to my stadium features a 40ft tall statue of Chief Powhatan, the undisputed leader of the Chesapeake region during the time of the English arrival. John Smith, the notorious English commander and eventual enemy of Powhatan, said this of the chief: 

"What he commandeth they dare not disobey in the least. It is strange to see with what great fear and adoration all these people do obey this Powhatan. For at his feet, they present whatsoever he commandeth, and at the least frown of his brow, their greatest spirits will tremble with fear."

I am looking for a talented artist to digitally model this sculpture of Chief Powhatan. A few notes about the sculpture:

- Full body, standing, noble pose (in the style of Caesar or a great general) 
- Roughly 75% detail. Example: You should be able to distinguish the feathers in his headdress but not the particulars of his jewelry. 
- Does not need to be colored (I will assign a bronze texture in VRay)
- Can be imported into Sketchup
- Artist will receive full credit in presentation and any awards or competitions for which it may be nominated

I am fully aware that beggars cannot be choosers. I am a poor grad student, but if this task proves too difficult or time-consuming I am willing to discuss compensation - however modest it might be. As a veteran 3d modeler myself I understand what I'm asking for and appreciate your time. 

In the style of an old fight song from the 1970s, I have written a small poem for the introduction to the rebranding portion of my presentation. This along with the attached photo may serve as inspiration.

This land belongs to a warrior,
from the mountains to the sea.
With a beat of his drum, his will is done,
without question, doubt or plea.

His chest is marked with crimson,
his face glimmers gold.
A feathered headdress down his back
bristles in the cold.

Off to war he marches,
united with his men,
each one of them spry and willing to die
for the man standing next to them.

This land belongs to warriors,
honest, wise and strong,
So softly tread if you value your head,
when you hear their battle-song.

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