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3D Fantasy RPG looking for content, environment, quest, and story creators

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If you have a passion for 3D Fantasy games, then we could use you!

The game is a 3d Fantasy RPG very similar to Everquest / World of Warcraft play style but with Final Fantasy type of story elements, picking up characters along the way, losing some, some turning against you, etc.  Right now it is single player, but could easily be made multiplayer if this team decides to do so.

The game engine is nearing completion and needs content. 

If the game is successful on Steam, we will move to xbox with very little code changes.  Everyone will be paid for the work done based on how much time was spent working on the content and how much the content played a part in the games success.

The game is fully playable and planned to be launched in the next year on steam and xbox, that is if we can get enough help to wrap it up.  You can sign up for one or several of the needs below;

  • I have a world created in world machine, you are welcome to use this or create a brand new one either with GeNa and Pro Gaia Pro, world machine, or World Creator and be the head designer of the world.
  • I have purchased environments, trees, rocks, houses, castles, etc. packs to populate the world.  You can use these, or create your own.
  • I have purchased modular dungeon packs, I need someone to build the dungeons.  You can use these modular packs, or create your own from scratch.
  • I need a great story! If you are looking for a chance to write a great fantasy story and put it in a game then this is it.
  • I need side quests, factions, mob placement, vendor item groups, etc.
  • Most of the data can be entered in plain text, For example anyone can put a monster in the world just by adding x,y,z coordinates in an xml file and saving it.  Spells can be created the just by copying and editing the xml.  Anyone can help if they have a passion for creating a 3D Fantasy Game.
  • Sounds need to be populated for spells, attacks, UI, etc.  It is as easy as editing xml files.

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