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Hi all, new here!
So, I'm a 3D modeler, and worked for many years in the animation industry, but I always wanted to work for games. Last year I finally managed to work in a game company here in my country (Brazil). Made some character but then I was put to work in some environmet, the game is not yet ready, so can't show anything. So to put in short, I can modeling props and characters. 
I don't know if my portfolio is good enough to try some Junior environment/ character modeler or de Junior 3D artist. And another thing, 3D artist is a role more focusing in what? Technical or art? 

I have two online portfolios, one is Artstation, where I put my best artwork, and the other is Behance, that have some past works of mine in the animation sector 



Any tips or comments will be helpfull
Many thanks and sorry if this post is in the wrong section


  • Fabi_G
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    Hi! I think when looking for work in games, showing game-ready works is important. It looks like you have many sculpts and sketches. Interesting to see would be steps like high poly, low poly (topology, UVs), texture atlas/trim-sheets, render in engine. Show that you can translate designs into 3d by including/linking to references/ original designs. Fewer projects but quite polished to show that you have the discipline to go the last steps. If you're on the fence whether to focus on characters or environments, you could split the portfolio into categories, making it more readable.

    There was this thread where recently hired people share their portfolio, maybe you find it insightful: https://polycount.com/discussion/187512/recently-hired-in-aaa-show-us-your-portfolio
    Generally checking others portfolios and thinking about what works well might give ideas/inspiration.

    Keep it up!
  • solondageb
    Thanks for the reply Fabi_G!
    I will split my portfolio in two like you said, but focus more in character and will do some game-ready characters. What I want to know, in the game industry, who is the person that make the props for the game? Is the environment artist?

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