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Recently hired in AAA? Show us your portfolio

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I'm looking to see if we can get a good list of people who recently made their first steps into the AAA developer arena. This includes people that have been in AAA for 2-3 years but haven't yet updated their portfolio or even people who have since added work to their portfolio but still have some of the works that got them initially hired in their portfolio (just be sure to tell us what's new, and what's old). This also includes freelancers who still have works in their portfolio that initially got them gigs with a AAA developer as well.

Now I'm mostly looking for people that are new hires into game dev altogether, but open to anyone that wants that mostly meets the criteria above. 

I think it'd be nice for everyone (myself included) to see where the bar is for content. Depending on how much traction this post gains I'll start updating this post with your name, how long ago you were hired and where, with a link to the portfolio.

Thanks guys!


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