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[Complete] Female Portrait (in need of feedback and tips on hair)

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Fraktayne polycounter lvl 5
Hello, I have this piece I'm doing for practice and I would like to ask for info about making hair and if what I'm doing is close to the reference I am using.

I am trying to make stylized version but not too stylized because I still do not understand the pores and wrinkles.
I am trying to also stylize hair but close to the reference.
I have put place holders for areas with hair and I try to sculpt hair following some videos of using curve tube to make many strands but it did not look as nice especially in the eyebrows.
Most tutorial I find has long wavy hair so they sculpt on like one big strand but I do not know how to apply it to Head hair.

Here is my reference from pinterest:

Here is the sculpt:
From the angle, I think her head in reference is tilted and her neck is streched more but I did not tilt it yet because I did not want to break symmetry, also I cannot get the eyes to look like the reference eyes. I am not confident in its anatomy, proportion and likeness. 

here is close up of eyebrows and eyelash:
The eyebrows looks fine to me but I want to know from your perspective if it is decent or not.
Also how do I sculpt the eyelash?

here is front and side profiles:

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.


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