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I recently got rejected from a game development company for the prop artist role, Can I have my portfolio reviewed


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    Guess dependent on the companies quality goal, (idk who you applied to, nor idk if it is okay to post them, your choice).
    If i had to take some wild baseless guesses, you appear with the title of a "owner of a company", on that alone it seems you display signs and goal of creating a competitive art outsource (of one of the many) studios eventually.  Going off what you display alone, materials for your items needs work, namely here looks like less than 1 minute of effort.  By a.s.s.'s standards of like/view ratios this individuals efforts seems "favored" among the prop artistry by the search results anyway.  So the goal would be getting close to or similar or equally to this display of your works/goals.

    Again a shot in the dark, idk what the company expected by clearly if you are stating they rejecting the application you didn't meet their goals, perhaps it was also distance as a factor, so many possibilities could've been at play.
    All the best in any event, keep on keeping on, as we do.

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