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I know my work is lacking but I need to know why In specific details. Any industry pros feed back is greatly appreciated.



  • lluc21
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    lluc21 polycounter lvl 5
    Hey! Your works look promising so far, but there is nothing really up to par just yet. I see that you can interpret shapes and model stuff with a decent amount of detail, but you need to push it further, at the moment the bakes on the props look very flat, almost as if there was no HP bake. The textures look very procedurally generated as well, as if you just slapped a Substance Painter generator on top and called it a day. You need to put the wear and tear where it makes sense for the object (i.e a hammer would show more wear on the parts that have more contact with things, like the handle and the head, from hitting things)

    Another thing you need to work on is presentation, you need to have a good lighting to show the models in the best fashion possible.

    I would recommend you to look up some prop creation course that shows you the whole process for you to better understand what to expect. This is a very good example of a good course: https://www.artstation.com/learning/courses/vWg/block-out/chapters/7J2/introduction
    but there are many others for free on Youtube and Artstation learning that will show you the right way to do things.

    After having a good understanding of the prop Art workflow I would look into environment art, creating modular pieces and so on...

    Good luck on your journey!
  • Chuk1000
    Thanks for the feedback.
  • Leinad
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    Leinad polycounter lvl 10
    One suggestion I have for 3D artists, even professional ones is to really study what a roughness map and metallic map are trying to simulate.
    There are a lot of great youtube videos out there that explain what those maps are trying to simulate. Even understanding the science behind what those maps are trying to do will go a long way with your lighting.

    This isn't just about the literal lights in your scene but how those lights interact with your shaders/materials/textures etc... They are all connected.

    Also, identify a studio you want to work for and try to better match their quality/style. Right now looking at your portfolio I can't think of any studio that can easily fit you in as a 3D artist without significant amount of training.

    If your goal is to work professionally as a 3D artist asap, then I would suggest also creating mobile friendly art. The art can also double up as VR friendly so you'll have more options when job searching.

    Overall, you're missing the last 20% of quality/polish that is needed for professional Junior artists. If you want to get there more quickly I would suggest working on smaller props and really focus on the quality. Pay extra attention to your shaders/cavity/curvature/ao/roughness-texture/metallic-texture so that your final lighting output looks more professional.
  • vert_ex
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    vert_ex polycounter lvl 6
    @LeinadThank you for the comment I wrote for our friend :) You are absolutely right about what you said regarding the roughness map. Could you please provide the links to some good videos on this topic? Because even people who are not experts in this field upload videos, and I don't want to go in the wrong direction. If you have any videos that you liked, I would really appreciate it if you could share their links. Thank you
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