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Necromancer - WIP

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TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 4
After my last project I wanted to do something original and a little more out of my comfort zone, so I settled on a Lady Necromancer and a zombie to accompany her!
Gathered refs on Pure ref for both her and her undead follower below
Since I started this quite a while ago I do have progress images of the first few rounds of iteration on her design. 
First pass: very blocky with notes on what else I wanted to add and the direction I wanted to go with the undead's look.
Second pass: A little more refinement on both designs and possibly figuring out colors and hair style
Third pass:  Started to spend more time on the necromancer since she's supposed to be the focus. Added the netting at this point over the skirt and started to work on secondary details and proportions.Fourth: Worked more on her face and solidifying details on clothing and jewelry
Will add a few more progress pics in another post because this one is getting quite long! :)


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