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[WIP] Hard Surface Asset for Scify Hangar Project. Maintenance Terminal.

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Hello all.

I am not sure if I can call this asset finished. I am also unsure if I should leave the top cover off or not. It is supposed to be part of a larger project. A terminal for a hangar with a spaceship.

At the same time it will later become part of my portfolio which doesn't exist yet.

Everything I know I have taught myself. I have absolutely no idea what my skill level is.

Since I have no training in this field and don't know anyone who can give me constructive criticism, I have registered here in the hope of meeting like-minded people and getting feedback.

Please feel free to share anything that comes to your mind.


  • AD_3D
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    AD_3D polycounter lvl 3

    Hey, I think having the top cover on makes the silhouette more interesting. Also on the screen portion, I think the emissive map can be pushed more and this could make for some interesting emissive lighting to highlight the edges of the top cover.

    I think the modeling reads well, you have a good base for the texturing. Some of the beveled edges could be thickened up more in order to read better in rendering.

    Would you be willing to post your texture flats? I want to get an idea how you're approaching it to provide some more feedback. Right now I think the texturing reads a bit flat all around, but I think you're on the right track with the subtle variation you have in the base materials.

    Nailing those base materials down, then adding more storytelling details to help break up the flat areas would make it look awesome and help establish a good style to apply to the rest of the scene, especially the spaceship (which I assume would be the focal point).

    I think always being objective about your own work and seeking out feedback from others is a good attitude to have, so you're on the right track. Good job!

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G hero character

    Hi! I think looks cool! Some aspects you could think about going forward:

    • Less uniform surface. If you use tiling materials, could add a decal layer to make it more unique.
    • Rethink internal/smaller shapes so they don`t go against the mayor shapes/lines.
    • Some of the insets seem a bit random/forced, like too many vents.
    • Add more subtle details, like internal supports, screws/fixtures or markings on buttons.

    Including some references, would help to form an opinion how well the transition from idea to 3d asset went.

    With a portfolio piece, I would be curious to also see UVs.

    Presentation wise, I don't see the need for the empty space on the left. If you use this sort of floor surface, I would expect some gaps/joints as it`s unlikely produced in one infinite sheet (bah, nit-picky :P).

    For this subject you could take a look at the sci-fi modules of the Doom games or Star Citizen, if you don`t already. Maybe you find some breakdowns by the artists.

    Keep it up!

  • Morgorak

    Hello together!
    I am very pleased that someone has taken the trouble to write constructive criticism.

    I am also very pleased that it already looks reasonably good.

    In fact, I haven't really thought about the UV's yet, as my project is first and foremost intended as concept art. Maybe I should have mentioned that. The focus is currently on the modelling itself with all its aspects regarding hard surface modelling and Boolean workflow and Lightning for Rendering. The materials are from BlenderKit and the UV's are either generated with the Mapping Node or automatically created with ZenUV. I model with Blender.

    Good to know that the UV's are important for a portfolio. So it's not enough to just post the finished image in different perspectives with good post processing?

    Or is it only important if it is a game asset?

    For reference, I have compiled a large number of images with Pureref.
    However, there were only 2 images that really inspired me. I am uploading these as well.

    I will try to implement a lot of your criticism and then upload an update.

    Kind Regards.


  • Morgorak

    Current status of the terminal. Have tried to implement the criticism and additionally brought more detail in the background. Some small things are still missing, especially the diplays are still partly empty. Changed from Blue to Orange light.

    Again all Critiques are Welcome.

  • Morgorak
    Changed Some details. Playing around with Lightning. Set up simple BG . Work still in Progess.

    Pls let me know what you think about it.

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