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That's right, Ethios stuff is back: New Ellie Model (Greathammer/Greatshield Adventurer)

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Wow it's me still trucking. Making a new thread because the other one might be a bit too daunting for anybody just seeing the project.

I, of course, have a new design, making full use of the shader and rendering skills I've honed over the past one or two years. Some of the shots here are a bit outdated, using the old clothing colors and having the old proportions.

The model was originally made back when she was still a graceful swordfighter, you see. But she uses a big fucking greathammer now, so the proportions were bulked up once I realized that was the case.

I also didn't want to bother making new shots until the new face is all set up.

These shots are only one version behind:

The weapon is the Dual Strive- a greathammer with a system that can fire out bursts of magical energy to enhance its attacks.

The design was based on utility hammers and vintage guns.

She also has a magical shield for defense. It used to just be the shield, itself, but it's now been reconceived as a part of a set alongside a gauntlet:

The gauntlet is the main form- it can reconstruct parts of its form to create the shield at any point on its surface.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm working on a new face using a different construction method- I recently discovered the wonder of the Holdout Shader, and can now realize my wish to have the mouth be a 3d object instead of a flat plane:

I wanted to begin the process of the new face with my favorite expression out of the concepts I had done.

Once I get some of the more basic expressions and such made, I'll post some fully up-to-date shots


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