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[WIP] Industrial Nature project

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I'm starting a new project with a theme of Industry vs Nature, situated in a city industrial apartment. The person feels suffocated by industrialism and is trying to reclaim a space through nature. They are personalizing the living space with tributes to nature (posters, stickers, landscape paintings, seed packets pinned to walls). The piece is meant to contrast grey/monotone colors with a bright foliage/sky, signifying greener pastures beyond. The person living in the space is a city kid but loves/wishes for nature.

This project, I wanted to challenge myself with hand creating plants. I settled for various house plant species that are a bit simpler to make, while having color splash and shape variety to keep things interesting.

So far, I've created a couple plants and set up the basic room in Unreal Engine 5. I'm hoping to get community involvement from the start of this project and would really appreciate any feedback/opinions! I'll be posting updates as I go along.



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    mhuang97 polycounter lvl 3

    Red Valentine Aglaonema plant leaves

    My second plant - I couldn't seem to figure out how to get the look I wanted procedurally so I settled for hand painting.

    The next step is to figure out the process for modeling plant stems. I'm thinking of warping some cylinders and giving them 1:1 textures in Painter, since it's not like I'd be reusing the same stems per plant.

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