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Half of my xgen description desapred from the outliner. Is there a way to...

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After finnisher my hair card texture set, I saved my scene and then closed it. but when I re openned it, half of the description shad vanished.... I HATTTEEEE this software (I had to say it)

Is there a way to get them back from the project folder ? Because they still exist there. see the picture below

Inside the description folder

for the love of god plz tell me I don't have to redo it all

EDIT : I alos have the collection file :


  • oglu
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    Without a good Maya TD i see no way to restore it.

    Thats why i dont use xgen core. I go with xgen interactive.

    The thing with maya is that all studios have TDs that are able to repair such issues.

  • Stensword
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    Stensword polycounter lvl 3

    Well I ended up restarting everything from scratch because for some reason I couldn't even export the collection nor the description anymore. I took an entire day trying to figure out a solution, but it never worked. Now it looks like everything works normaly, It is so streesful to do anything with xGen, it feels like your entire scene can vanish in a second.

    And well next time I ll try the groom interactive alternative, I just hope it gives as much freedom as xGen core with the guides and the modifiers

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