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Metaverse competition! Have you work showcased on a top project!

Hello everyone!

I'm Ross, the community manager over at Pavia Games!

We are building a metaverse and running a competition for people to get creative with some challenging requirements!

Pavia is a metaverse and is built up of 100'000 individual plots of land which were all sold as NFTs in late 2021 and we are looking for anyone that can create 3D scenes!

We want people to get creative and maximize the plot space via the below requirements to build something you would see in the Metaverse! We want people to think outside the box (think ready player one) and the more creative the better!

The Winner will receive a plot of land in the metaverse itself but we are likely to showcase a lot of people's art!

We have over 80'000 Twitter and discord members and are looking to post and share unique and well-finished designs!

if you already have something pre-made, great! If you want to start from scratch, even better!

To enter either reply to this post with your finished PCA (Pavia compatible asset) or email me ross@pavia.io

All files must be within the PCA guidelines and must be exported in a .glb file.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Thank you and good luck!


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