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✂️ Texture Tools, a new extension for Unity

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✂️ Texture Tools 📐

Speed up and simplify your texture editing

At Tuatara, we are working a new tool to speed up and simplify the process of texture editing!

Most of the tasks artists do daily don’t require to open an external editor like Photoshop and could be done in one click . Our goal is to ease this process.

Features (see gif bellow):

  • ✅ Invert color channels output.r = 1 - input.r
  • ✅ Swizzle color channels RGB → BGR or RRR, ...
  • Transforms (rotate, mirror)
  • Upscale / Downscale

With this forum thread we want to gather users feedback to improve the tool before publishing!

You can also follow Tuatara Games on Twitter and if you have ideas, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to write us a line at : support@tuataravfx.com

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