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(Closed) 3D Creature Model, Paid, Urgent Deadline

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Hi there,

I'm producing a noncommercial film to upload on Youtube and we need a creature model made for it. It needs to be textured, rigged, and ready for animation and rendering, with a basic walk cycle. We're working in Blender, so if you're using a different software you'll need to make sure everything is transferable in an FBX file.

$1000 USD for rigged and animated model. $850 for just the model with no rig or animation, or if the rigging information doesn't transfer over. End credit provided. Deadline is March 8th.

The creature is covered in grass and moss, with a fairly basic underlying shape. The best approach will likely be a basic mesh with a hair/particle system for the grass and moss. Rig is simple--just legs and spine. Please contact me for more details + reference materials.

Reach me at skyminerfilms@gmail.com. Please include your portfolio. Serious inquiries only, thank you. This film is completely noncommercial and unmonetized. It's a passion project of mine.

Kind regards,

Daniel Hollis

Edit for clarity: This model should look realistic, and will be combined with live-action footage. Render will be in Cycles. I imagine the moss texture will be similar to this photo (see below--I do not own this image).

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