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Asim7 polycounter lvl 8

Hi, I just recently finished my studies and am about to apply for jobs within the video game industry.

I intend to mainly look for junior artist positions, mostly geared towards environments & props.

Would anyone help review my portfolio or tell me what I could do differently, stuff I could improve upon or completely remove.

Link to my portfolio: https://asim_cizmic.artstation.com/

Thank you all 🙂


  • Meloncov
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    Meloncov greentooth

    My first thought: it looks competent, but there's nothing there to make it stand out from the hordes of competent graduates competing for the very limited number of positions.

    Going through piece by piece:

    The table and the generic props look like they could be decent elements in a scene, but none of them are really interesting enough to be portfolio pieces in their own rights. Also, you're being super, super conservative about your triangle counts, as if you're targeting low-end mobile, but your texture sizes are all way bigger than you'd typically get in that case. I see the table and chairs use a trim sheet, which helps explain that, but the props strike me as a little weird. Also, if you're not applying to a mobile studio, don't have mobile-res work front and center in your portfolio (it's fine to make two versions).

    The Substance work is looking pretty good! Definitely your strongest work right now.

    The two characters, just get rid of unless you're applying for a generalist position. Keep your portfolio focused.

    The two interior environments look like older work, and it shows. The quality of the individual assets is a lot weaker than the later pieces. You need to get a new environment in there.

  • Asim7
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    Asim7 polycounter lvl 8

    Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it 🙂

    The triangle count is super low yes, it was made to run nativly on Quest 2 headset and I was told to use around X tris on the props and tables.

    Some valuable info for me, thanks!

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