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How do I get this VFX to look much better?

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freduckk triangle

I followed a tutorial to recreate Kassadin's slash ability but it doesn't quite look the same.

I don't know if it's that I need to make the sparks (which I didn't finish doing well) or is it the lighting inside unity (which doesn't adjust either).

I leave here below the tutorial and my video of my vfx in case you can help me. 😊



  • Eric Chadwick
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    Hi and welcome to Polycount!

    I would suggest using a tool like ScreenToGif to examine their effect, frame by frame. This makes it really easy to record the screen, and then examine the frames.

    The original tutorial:

    Your work:

    I haven't watched the tutorial, but just examining the tutorial frame-by-frame vs. yours frame-by-frame, I see some key differences:

    1. Your work is much slower. See how few frames the tutorial is using?
    2. There's more detail in the main "swoosh" texture. It looks like a couple layers to me.
    3. They have a different shape for the mesh, and the "swoosh" isn't cut off on the sides.
    4. They show more dynamic range in their textures, darker darks and brighter brights.
    5. The sparks also add dynamic movement to the effect.

    I hope this helps you!

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