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[Finished] Finnish Serenity - a real time UE5 scene I built from scratch!

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Hi Polycount!

I've just uploaded some new work to my art station and I thought it would be fun and interesting to post it here too!

Take a look at the full ArtStation post to see more images and videos.


I wanted to learn how to make foliage and so I did! This project was the result of many high poly sculpts, almost everything was done by hand. General workflow was a zbrush sculpt, texture in painter, bring into speed tree and build from there. The only exception is some of the smaller plants which I simply sculpted, textured, baked down and then built in blender.

There are exactly 2 assets that are not mine in this scene, 1 bark which came from megascans and 1 terrain texture which also came from megascans!

This was a ton of fun to make. Any comments, questions or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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