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Hello Everyone!

First thank you very much for stopping by this thread of mine and checking it out.

So some critiques/advices are welcomed here for my portfolio. I will upload few that i personally like, but do check my portfolio for detailed look if you do honestly intend to give some feedback. https://www.artstation.com/darkojovanov

So, first out of the bath, i know obviously my current skills are not at the Top, i do not know even when i will reach it, i think thats like a lifetime journey for sure. Always something to improve on, but my humble opinion is that its hirable, its not bad either, it has some experience, some maturity for the studio work never the less...And i have some experience freelancing for some small indie devs and personal commissions, but now that since last 2 years i grew better with portfolio/skills and having some mentorship for about 2 months, after covid breaktrough, i must say i am experiencing failure after failure and im really growing tired of it, its very weird really, how before i wasnt good as now, but i had some consistant work, now that i got better after some mentorship and my own private studies, i dont basically have anything, no work for months, not even a simple commission. Only thing that happened, i received a letter (without me applying to them first) from 'FatShark studios', letting me know they added me to theyr list for potential working together with me in theyr studio. But thats about it. I srsly am very confused in what period i am, whats happening to me.

Now i know my style is rather specific and unique, not something popular, its more like in the vibe of Frank Frazzeta from what i have been hearing at least, so not really todays game companies what are looking for, but i feel and i am convinced that if at least some decent amount of eyes would be aware of my existence, i wouldn't struggle so much with landing gigs and studio work.

So what do you think guys? Is it just that my craft isn't for todays/internet people, not up to the standards, or i am lacking something else? I personally think its digital algorithm is what is killing me and most likely other as well have difficulties with it, so its only few lucky ones getting the prying eyes on them.

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