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Record my growth path as a character artist

Hello everyone! I am Tingwei Liu. I am an international student studying in the United States, dreaming of working as a 3D character artist in the game industry. I learned and used Zbrush for the first time in September, and I have been learning and training until now. I want to record on the platform of polycount each of my practice and works as a witness of my growth. Each exercise and selection of work has my thinking. Welcome critique and feedback! Thank you so much!

Here is my artstation link https://www.artstation.com/simonltw and I also update my WIP and personal practice in my ins https://www.instagram.com/simon_ltw/

First work - Vegeta

To make my work look more complete, I first created a bust. I am a big fan of Japanese anime, and my interest could take me far. Thus I made this Vegeta one of my favorite characters. And it is my first try to get familiar with digital sculpting and the essential operation of the software. From this practice, I learned about using crucial brushes like move and standard to create what I want to develop and learned my first method of building hair. I make a part of the hair by creating a box and then use dam standard to create those sharp hair strands. And then, I use duplicate and Gizmo to put those hair strands in the correct position. It might seem stupid, but it worked for me at the time, and I managed to get hair that looked good to me at the time. And also, I had no idea about rendering at that time, so I just went to youtube and found an example of using Keyshot to render, and then tried to imitate the skills mentioned in the video. That's what I do for the rendering part of my first Vegeta.

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