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Hi everyone, first post :), could i get some CC and feedback on this generic male sculpt, please!

Hi, im trying to sculpt a realistic generic male, it seems off but im not sure what it is that is making it look odd, i want to push this as far as i can, any tips or critique would be amazing, i chose a square face because "in my opinion that face shape works well with undercut hairstyles"


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    I'm a hard surface modeler so probably worthwhile mentioning to take my feedback with a grain of salt...

    So here goes (...hastily trying to recall tafe-college level anatomy class 101)

    Now initially at first glance I agree, there appears in my opinion to be a number of disproportionate issues with the underlying structure which is especially noticeable in 3/4 view, namely:

    • Nasal region (bone) - slightly to wide for an anglo-celtic male skull
    • Zygomatic region - possibly to low and pronounced
    • Mandible - ...results in elongation of both the Ramus & Mental Foramen
    • Cleft-ed chin - sorry, put simply looks kinda weird maybe too deep?!

    Also curious if you're using a Ecorche for referencing, if not then I strongly recommend that you do because at the very least from the outset, will help introduce accuracy.

    Anyway keep going and don't forget to have fun, as well - Cheers 🙂


    Thank you for the feedback!, I'll work on the things you mentioned!, I'm not using a Ecorche but I'll look into it as well, my main reference at the moment has been googling generic square or elongated male faces and a little guess work

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