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Hi everyone, I am new in this forum. It would be great to hear some feedback/critique to improve workflow and overall design output. It was done in blender and textured in substance painter. Thanks a lot.


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    This looks great Lumerb.

    Some feedback that may or may not be useful. :)

    In production, when I provide feedback, I do so with a final product in mind. How I give feedback will greatly depend on what is the purpose of the art.

    It's not clear to me from these images if this model is specifically targeting games, movies, or illustration.

    The design looks good to me.

    The hard surface modeling looks good.

    The 100% reflective/chrome material in head area in the first 3 images looks a bit out of place. (you did resolve that issue in your last 3 renders)

    I wonder how much of the interesting contrast in the model is because of the lighting environment and post-processing inside blender/sp.

    Sometimes models that are predominantly 1 general color scheme can look flat in a game engine if there is no SSO or raytracing.

    If this was a game asset, I would be interested in seeing it in a real-time engine. Also, it would be nice to see some of the wires, material setup, and texture maps. Maybe placing it in a lighting environment (in-engine) where it's more clear how much of the lighting is driven from SSO vs ray-tracing vs texture work.

    If this is a movie asset, then I would wonder if it's using sub-d workflow?

    If this is for illustration only, then I think the last 2 renders look very solid to me. I might have considered pushing the bounce lighting a bit more on the small light on the shoulder so that it creates a nice bounce/rim light off of the model's torso. But overall, I really like the design.

    Great work!

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