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[FINISHED] Midland 75-820 Portable/Mobile CB Radio.

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Frankythebeast polycounter lvl 4

Game-Ready model of Midland 75-820 Portable/Mobile CB Radio.

Artstation Post : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ze6k2m


  • LeoPolichuth
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    That's pretty awesome! nice work!

    The details are really cool and the texture work is well done.

    There are 2 things that you could improve:

    1 - the topology could be better, specially because its a game asset. The antenna for instance, is very dense when it could be a lot simpler without losing detail. I'm guessing you used some kind of remesher to achieve the low poly model, but its a nice practice to clean up a little the topology before baking the maps

    2 - the holes don't really look like holes, just circle bumps. I think it could easily be fixed by just painting black the holes in the color map

    Other than that, its a really cool model, congrats :)

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