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[WIP] Old Village

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Minai polycounter lvl 2

Hi everyone!

I started to work on this scene 1.5 month ago and I would like to share with you how it is progressing. The idea is to create a French old village in our age. The style is realistic.

The project is not finished and you'll see issues in the screenshots like tiling or colorimetry issues and other stuff like that. At this state, the scene is kinda boring but I plan to add a lot of colorful vegetation and some props like a fountain, a well or gutters (and of course, lighting/post process rendering!)

If you have any feedback on the current state of the project, I would love to hear them! Feel free to share any throughs!

PS: Nothing is definitive

Here is my ref board:


  • Minai
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    Minai polycounter lvl 2

    Here an update of the scene. I fixed UVs issues, recalibrate colors, added non-textured props and decals. I have the feeling that something is wrong with my stairs and my doors, I will probably try to fix that weird feeling in addition to the remaining tasks on next week!

    Feel free to share your feedback!

  • Olingova
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    Olingova greentooth

    That second pass was a really nice step up!! It really helped to make the walls less unifroms and add details there.

    I think your scene would still benefit of having a bt more color, in your reference board you have some example of yellow ish plastered wall, that bring some really nice color in there, on top if that if you had a bit of foliage and plants the green would also look good imo.

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    Hi! I agree about adding more color. Adding painted doors, window frames + shutters (different owner, different colors) would be another opportunity to add some color. Some wood elements appear very dark. And some vertical gradient on the bottom of the facades would be nice, from weather hitting this area directly and dirt getting splashed from the ground.

    Looks to me like on some windows and the doorframe (image1) the meshes' shading is off.

    Keep it up!

  • Minai
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    Minai polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you Olingova and Fabi_G for your feedback! :)

    I plan to add more colorful stuffs with the vegetation later. I made the choice to keep the buildings old and desaturated to contrast with the coming climbing plants and flowers. I would put colors on doors and window frames if the result is still too much fade after putting the vegetation but honestly, I should do some color test and see what is the best :)

    I need to fix this shading issue on my window frame, thank you for the feedback!

    Hope to be able to do all these stuff this week and show you the progress!

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