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unreal 5.1 can't connect break Vector 3f to things

grand marshal polycounter
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poopipe grand marshal polycounter

So - I can't connect that multiply node to that break Vector 3f node

I can pull out of the multiply, ask it for the break and it will place it - but the two nodes will never connect. The same happens if I just make fresh vectors.

I can split the vector struct pin on the way out of the multiply so this can be worked around but I'm pretty sure this is going to break plenty of stuff I have lying around from the past.

The above is fine obviously

Anyone else able to recreate it - or explain the "logic"?



  • EC2Build
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    I'm having this same problem, although on 5.0.3, but I think it might be an issue across ue5 maybe since i have had the same problem on an older version than you.

    These are the nodes im using and it won't let me connect the multiply to it, although in the youtube tut im watching they seem to do it without an issue. Also im still new to the blueprint coding so im not sure how else to connect these nodes lol.

  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    the workaround above is fine for new BPs - arguably neater too - i'm just concerned it'll bork older BPs

    in case you hadn't found it yet - rightclick on the output pin of the multiply node and break the struct

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