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[WIP] Scylla Von blast

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iam717 triangle

Hi everyone new & old,

Been a while since i posted any thread for wips, hopefully my enthusiasm will see this to the end.

Final expectation: Video.

Thought I'd share the process for anyone wondering, i was going to even make this a community "building", event type of project where if anyone wanted to contribute anything say FX/Scripts or wanted to learn or is learning or is pro and wants more "spotlights on them", collaborating might not be a bad thing. Figured this is an different approach to wips, the positions are available for the time being, if no one comes forward no problem I'll do it myself if no one wants to join in on the fun, i am attempting the entire scene of the concept.

1.25% day/hours of work

Current, in the video i used a base mesh to see if it was even possible to do the look i wanted, this has been on and off for years, making it with respect and admiration so hopefully its viewed as such.

Haven't made a post in years in this section so thought why not, any input at any time no matter what is welcome, give all your props to the concept artist, i was going to do this a long time ago but they told me they would, but never did and i wanted to see this realized before anything "major", happens. All the best everyone, keep on, keeping on. Waited basically 5 years.

Available are:

FX, fire, shader artist for the wax bits, explosions, all those elements,

Everything in the background, Characters, Weapons, Shields, Money, all the background damaged metal bits.

How do you do stuff for this? Make one of the above listed in available, if you want to put it on your folio 1st you can do that make thread, you can do that, eventually keep in mind you'll be sending it to me(i will be deleting them after) for the final project piece (idc if you make a LOD 0 detail as long as its readable and looks decent), idc to keep any of your works, i can make it myself.

You will be credited in the final collective piece, i welcome all levels though keep in mind if your work does not fit the quality it may be rejected so just do your absolute best.

^All this is an attempt and an offer to collab if no1 comes around i am fine with that thought i'd attempt to relive the olden days through this different wip project. (making it not boring and seeing what a team environment without much coms is like) Back to it then, all the best all.

Jan/Feb is my attempted deadline with or without collab.

Edit: and i saw some pieces that are already done like a cigarret i liked, if anyone that has done anything can also donate with projects they are finished with to once again get traffic, think of this as posting it again, you will be linked, more eyes isn't a bad thing. Just thought of this one so if you got things laying around doing nothing this is an opportunity for them to return to some spotlight.


  • iam717
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    iam717 triangle

    okay progress, still need to do more got to figure it all out and test stuff but the bases are working out well.

    anything might change, figured i show the "best parts" already.

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage

    You haven't include concept art/illustration so I have no idea what you trying to make ! Is it this one ? =>

    Anyway her top part is not proportionate to the lower one or shes bending back in prospective or shes part of asian mmo

    Support leg is very straight and legs are not straight especially the one with most of the weight

    Working from 2d ref there is always danger that pose might not work so try to make the pose work from more then 1 angle after that if you like you could even sculpt in symmetry and repose afterwords if sculpting in pose is to complicated

  • iam717
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    iam717 triangle

    Yup that is the one, didn't really show any links because i wanted people that are interested in the design to seek it out but i get i should have posted links to the artist and the concepts to make it easier on the viewer, my silly idea was to give them traction by just mentioning them and the name of the design. It was part of a 3D challenge and i foolishly assumed people knew about it already, i also added this link : Final expectation: Video. that takes people to the concept and video "end results".

    Anatomy comments response:

    Idk you seem to know how to do things so please feel free to guide me in the correct ways so that this doesn't look like crap, i think it is in a stylized format so bordering cartoon/comic book/anime atmosphere "anatomy".

    video link that doesn't act like how youtube direct links work, made me sad hope it works for all of you:


    made a turn around maybe this video will work if not i'll try my best to fix it, thanks for the response i'll look into the things you mention, atm working on, The hip bone (os coxae, innominate bone, pelvic bone or coxal bones) so they are very slightly sticking out.

    All the stuff is inside, i think the pose sculpting is working out, but anyone can tell me otherwise, can see the "candle" fuse also, all w.i.p. testing the look trying to get it really nice and stuff. p.s. edit#1 she is on waxy heels i think or at least i will add that so the support will be on those.

    edit 2: adding everything i got, nade functioning stuff and things:

    plan to add a hole to the neck and add functionings to the fire exhausts also and chest chamber.

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