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The Bi-Monthly Environment Art Challenge | November - December (81)

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Pinkfox polycounter

Hey everyone! Welcome one and all to the 81st Bi-Monthly Environment Art Challenge for the months of November and December!

This challenge is a way for real-time 3D artists to test their skills and create a piece of work based on concepts provided. It's open to those of all skill levels and we do our best to provide meaningful feedback along the way so everyone can come away from the challenge with actionable points on which they can improve their craft!

Anyone is welcome in this challenge no matter your skill level! It's a test of your own ability not a competition between members. We're all here to improve as artists and learn from each other.



Gears 5 by Yaroslav Odnorogov



红邮局 by joker chen




bomb by kunbei



Props design / interior - Islandia by Victor Maillet



Please read all the rules before starting:

  • Try to post at least one critique for every post that you make. This will make for a better learning environment and help us all grow as artists.
  • Try your best to finish as much as you can in the time frame provided, but remember even if you don't finish by the end of the challenge we encourage you to keep pushing and finish your piece!
  • Post what you are working on in this thread so that way it's a more centralized place for advice and critique. Please avoid creating a new thread as we don't want to spam out the forums.
  • It is recommended to use a game engine to present your work. Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine are very common engines that can be used but feel free to use any alternatives that you want. (Marmoset Toolbag for example.)
  • Feel free to change up your chosen concept a bit if you want! Interpret these concepts to your liking, especially if your aim is to add storytelling elements.
  • If you finish your project and decide to post it to Artstation, make sure you give credit to the concept artist in the form of a link to their profile. Additionally, it is recommended to ask a concept artist for their permission to post a 3D piece based on their work before doing so.


  • When you are just starting out making a scene, it can seem complicated or imposing. Take your time planning and blocking out, it will set you up for success later on.
  • Think about how you can re-use assets, re-use textures, break it down as simple as possible and plan it out. A lot of people will break it down in their own way when they start out their challenge. Gather some reference images as well for different parts of the scene, don't be afraid to make it your own.
  • We strongly encourage you to go and look at other games and see how they make their assets as well as get concept art to give it your own feel.

The goal is to learn and grow both artistically and in your ability to both give and receive critique, but don't stress about it and remember to have fun!

Good luck!


  • Steen
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    Steen polycounter lvl 15

    Oh, wow. The first challenge is figuring out which of these to choose. There are things about every one of these that I want practice on.

  • ItsReasonArt

    I agree with Esselle! Going to have a go at modelling the Post office and its props for this challenge :)

  • Yahska
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    Yahska triangle

    @YairMorr You're off to a great start! I think the thick pattern of the grain style looks better and goes well with the concept.

    In case you're going for an exact match with the concept then the front two legs should be less curvy. The cushion and the curved part between the front and back legs is also thicker in the concept. Also, the legs are shorter.

  • YairMorr
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    YairMorr triangle

    @Fabi_G this looks great! It's really interesting seeing different interpretations to this design. I really liked your approach texturing this chair. I just got one comment regarding the textures, and that's how they're mirrored along the back element, especially noticeable on the top part.

    The fabric texture looks nice, but I think it doesn't match the style of the other elements so much, as it is very "procedural", as opposed to the stylized wood.

    Also, thanks for your comments on my work :)

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    @YairMorr Hey, thanks for pointing it out 👍️ I applied the mirror modifier and adjusted the UVs. Made some more adjustments to geometry and added some simple props for less emptiness. Also added some vertex colors for color variation. Maybe I will add some fuzz cards and make a custom pattern to improve the appearance of the fabric, for now I adjusted mesh, tiling and and vertex colors.

    Looking forward to see your progresses 🚀

  • Eich

    Hi everyone! First time for me posting something here.

    Never actually had a lot of time for personal projects. :'(

    I tried out the chair.

    Modeled in Blender, Textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset.

    Albedo - Normal - Roughness - AO

    And some details.

  • YairMorr
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    YairMorr triangle

    @Eich this looks really nice! Only comment I've got is that your model has lots of redundant vertices. I marked some of them but it seems to me there are a lot of double edges along the legs? Was there a reason I'm not aware of that you left these on? The rule of thumb is any vertex that doesn't contribute to the silhouette should be removed. There are reasons sometime to leave "redundant" vertices on, e.g. when you wish to support a specific UV layout.

    Overall it looks really nice! Keep working :)

  • Eich

    @YairMorr those vertices are there on purpose. I didn't use Low poly and high poly meshes, so all the vertex are there to support ther curvature. I use only a mid poly mesh and bake maps on itself.

    Removing them will create artifacts with the normals.

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    @Eich Hi 👋 Nice chair and presentation!

    Two small nitpicks (sorry for nerding off 😝): The direction of the wood grain on the seat board seems a bit unpractical imo (makes sense if the whole chair was carved out of one block of wood though). And the beams of the back-rest appear a bit thin above the seat, which makes it look easy to break of.

    Regarding the shading/geometry, if you wanted to simplify further, could also use hard edges + UV splits and bake down blenders bevel shader. Or create an instance of the chair and give it a bevel modifier to act as highpoly.

    Keep it up! 🚀

  • Eich

    @Fabi_G Hi and thanks!

    I love nerding off by the way! 🙃

    I didn't notice the weird direction of the grain on the seat! Thanks for pointing it out 💪🏻

    The structural weakness is also a good feedback!

    I wasn't trying to achieve a super optimized model, more like a smooth one. I work with ninite on ue5 so the vertex count is not such a big issue for me, and workig with mid poly meshes its a huge time saver in terms of baking maps and fixing their problems. Maybe I will do another pass in zbrush later on. But at the moment I don't have so much time 😭

  • Eich

    @AD_3D Very detailed blockout, good job.

    I think shapes and proportions are all there so keep like this.

    The only think I noticed it's the top of the roof, it seem like the cube below the sphere is a bit bigger than the concept, and there is a very sharp border below.

    I don't really know if is really like that or if it is the angle of the render. Just check it.

    Otherwise I think it's really well done and I look forward to see it finished! 💪

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    Nice updates!

    @YairMorr blockout is looking good! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    @CyberNomad Cool to see someone tackle the hardsurface concept.

    What's your overall approach?

    Curious what's happening with the shading. Do the screenshots show the model with baked maps?

    I think it helps doing some kind of blockout first to establish large proportions and overall scale. But with separate elements, scaling them should be easy enough.

    Keep it up!

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G sublime tool

    @FissionMailed looking forward to see it in engine! Could you elaborate what you mean by UE5 workflow? Keep it up!

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