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Zbrush DynaMesh inconsistent polygon count.

polycounter lvl 5
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Kligan polycounter lvl 5

Can someone explain to me please the logic behind dynamesh polygon count?

It's always inconsistent. Sometimes I import a model, set dynamesh resolution to 1024 and get 4 mil points. And other times it will be 300k points.

Just now I was working on a piece of a model where I needed to make holes via dynamesh sub. I'm importing my model, and have to crank dynamesh resolution all the way to 4096 to get barely 3 mil points. Ok, whatever, I make the holes, and due some mistake one of them was in a wrong position. So I start over. New document, import the model, dynamesh resolution 4096... and now I get 7 mil points. ON THE SAME MODEL AS BEFORE!


Is there a way to better control the polycount for dynameshing? I just don't understand, it's always a gamble!


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