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Looking for 2D artist for indie RPG development.

I'm looking for a long-term 2D artist partner to work with over a new RPG title I'm developing. Royalty is up for negotiation, as well as a small commission fee. Though I'm more looking for a long-term business partner. Someone that will be passionate about this project, and possibly future projects, like I am. Perhaps someone who might even influence some of the game-making decisions. Though to be honest, I cannot guarantee the success of this project after release, there is a chance we will both walk away with little to nothing. (Though that won't stop me from trying again, if it does fail.)

The scope of work needing to be covered is character CGs, overworld sprites, and maybe a few tiles. If you can do any of these, I'd love to talk! Please feel free to email me, or message me. This will not be full-time work, but will instead be casual work. As I cannot offer much, I don't expect much.

The graphical style I'm shooting for is similar to old SNES titles like Final Fantasy VI (or FFIII for N. Americans).

email: [email protected]

discord: Ammizen#1337

website: http://ammizen.ddns.net

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