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Sketchbook: Jonas Roscinas

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Hey guys, I used to post here long time ago, and the idea of having a sketchbook where I can post my works (even if 1 person sees it) is very intriguing in terms of tracking my progress.

I decided to focus more on becoming a good character artist, so this is where I'm coming from with my posts. Hopefully in the future I can post in video/commentary form on Youtube, at least that is the plan.

Have limited amount of time daily, as I have full-time work, but nonetheless should be fun.

The first character, is quite a simple idea I had of a simple still-life shot of a robot/mecha girl chilling with her cat, and just simply observing it. Nothing huge, but I'm mostly working here with the juxtaposition of a cute small animal, and her powerful/badass owner having down-time, between travels or something along those lines.

This is my initial block for the girl character.

The final look I think I might go for a somewhat stylized but with realistic materials type of render. :)


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