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[WIP][UE5] Heckler & Koch: MP5A4 Gun

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SomeAB polycounter lvl 3

Jumping on the realistic weapon bandwagon. Making this HK MP5A4 Gun for someone.

First establishing the correct proportions in 3D lowpoly model, the trickiest part is the width.. as its listed as 67mm on website, but might actually be bumped up by the reload clip.

Would appreciate some feedback on the proportions, to make it accurate to real-world thing as reasonably possible.


  • SomeAB
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    SomeAB polycounter lvl 3

    After studying the model further, and dealing with some mild common-cold.. I decided to make a blockout with proper proportions, from where I can further refine via modelling or sculpting individual parts.

    Goal is not bolt for bolt design. But rather a practical game asset, where parts can be modularly changed out.

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