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Materials using Substance Designer + UE5

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LouiseR2 triangle

Brick material WIP

For my final year project, I want to rely less on megascan's materials and instead make some realistic materials from scratch using substance designer. Please give feedback.

I'm trying to get the AO, Height and Normal spot on before I start texturing, this is what I have so far

I masked out the parts of the bricks for the size variation > tiny settings in tile sampler > nice little warp for wibble wobble > Flood fill being my friend for masking areas > using that for crazy slope blur > another tile sampler for little specs > fur noise and anisotropic noise with a little funk for those little brush strokes on the brick.

Next, I want to get a little more noise and specks in the brick and then the filler.

I have some nodes I did earlier in UE5 for this texture to look its best and customisable, all in the engine.

My reference


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