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Bake for Low Poly Model Not Matching High Poly


So I'll preface this by saying this is my first time attempting to do any sort of bake on Marmoset so I don't fully know much about baking in it. Currently what is happening is when I preview a bake of my high poly model to my low poly I'm getting these strange lines and circles instead of the details I sculpted within Blender. It is also appearing on parts of the model where I never added any high poly detail. Here is how it looks in Marmoset:

And this is how the high poly looks within Blender:

And the low poly in case it is needed:

Did I mess things up when I was doing the sculpting that caused this down the line? I made sure to prep the UVs in the low poly so it would stay the same in the high poly version. I'm not sure if it's a problem as well but there are a lot of little pieces within my overall model as shown in the screenshot:

I would greatly appreciate help on this. I've been working on this model for a very long time and was hoping to bring this into Substance so I can texture it and give a nice render in Marmoset. Thank you!


  • JudgeMatt

    Never mind! I figured out there was a multiple texture sets option. That was the solution; however, I am getting this hole like artifact on part of the model now along with strange lines on the bottom left just below the cord.

  • IcypapA

    First. Do you have check cage Max/min on low folder in bake?

    #I hope it can help you.

  • Cl3m
  • Cl3m

    Hello everyone !

    I have read several articles on normales maps and modeling, very useful for beginners. I have questions to ask you about my modeling as concrete example for a better unterstanding. My project is an oak Mantle Clock. I decided to create a simple object to understand how baking works. 🤯

    1) I have flat areas, green and purppel which appears in the normal map, but I don't understand why.

    2) I have the black dot which appears in the face of button, may be a uv too small, or badly unfolded ? what do you think ?

    3) I added this HP mesh for more details but I have artifacts when I bake, how I can solve the problem ?

    4) I still don't understand the ideal baking for a cylinder, despite all the articles that I have read on "polycount". Is it missing edge support or is it badly managed faces orientation, or number of polygone is too low ?

    I hope someone can help me ! 😁

  • EarthQuake
    1. This can be due to the highpoly faces being backward, and can happen in some software if you mirror elements by using negative scaling. Make sure you have backface culling on in your 3D app so you can easily spot and fix backward faces.
    2. It looks like the resolution of the texture is very low in this area, so you have relatively few pixels to represent the details. Make sure your UVs are laid out with consistent texel density and that you're using an appropriate texture size to capture the level of detail that the asset needs. You can also increase the samples setting in the baker and that may improve this (but you'll still be limited by the texture resolution)
    3. It looks like the artifacts come from the high poly mesh - bad sub-division from an ngon - so make sure to fix the high poly and the bake will come out better
    4. Generally, this area of the mesh is not optimized well, there are many edges that don't affect the silhouette and there aren't enough segments to make it appear round. Add more segments to better match the curve of the highpoly, and optimize the unnecessary edge loops and you should get a better bake with fewer triangles. This is covered here: https://polycount.com/discussion/81154/understanding-averaged-normals-and-ray-projection-who-put-waviness-in-my-normal-map/p1
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