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[Zbrush] [Substance 3D Painter] Question about baking

Hi! I'm making assets which are to be used for destructible meshes in Unreal Engine. I'm running into a problem with the bakes and I assume the Ambient Occlusion. I don't know how not to get the data from Zbrush concerning where different meshes overlap for when baking in substance painter. Each piece is separate in Zbrush and when exported I combine them all to one mesh for texturing. As shown in the photo the metal part as an example has impacted how the rest of the base boards look. Is there any way in either Zbrush or Substance painter to fix this? Appreciate any feedback!


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master

    You would want to make use of Painters Matching by Name function.

    As a side note: If there are many repeating texture chunks as in this case, one can maximize use of texture space by stacking UVs (create a selection of boards, assemble game meshes from those) and/or using tiling trims (e.g. for metal strips).

  • Brandon.LaFrance
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    Brandon.LaFrance Polycount Sponsor

    For this particular asset, you're probably going to want set AO Self Occlusion to "By Mesh Name" as well. This way, when the parts are separated, you won't have AO from pieces that are no longer near each other. In fact, for most cases, I usually bake two AO maps, one for global AO with Self Occlusion set to "Always" and another for local AO set to with Self Occlusion set to "By Mesh Name", and can use both or blend between them for various purposes.

  • NicolaiLykke

    Alright thanks, i'll give it a try with the AO by piece!

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