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[PAID] Name your Rate/Price --- Unreal5 Groom artist wanted for animal fur grooming (realistic)


As part of an actively developed indie video game - we are looking for people with existing experience in hair cards / dynamic grooming - of furry creatures.

This work would be used on playable characters.

You would only be responsible for the Groom specifically, as an expert to the team. We have animators, developers, and other 3d artists which you would be working along side.

The sculpted and rigged model already exists with textures -- it just needs the groom and to be optimized for real-time game play.


This has been a difficult role to fill using other job boards - and at this point this job is truly: Name your Rate/Price

There is an open-source aspect to the game itself, and keeping with that same philosophy - you would be able to use this finished model or models in your portfolio - and you will be directly credited for your work.

Instead of video game credits at the end of the game, your credited work would be upfront and highlighted in the main game, and on the game website. My personal background is with Linux for 20+ years professionally - so I am very serious about the full credits you will have for your participation on this project.

Please send me a message here on PC - and please link to some examples of your work.

Thank you for your consideration!

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