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kongbui polycounter lvl 2

Hello guys,

Currently, I just failed an art test at a game studio. I've been working in the industry for 3 years and am now slowly transitioning to the role of a 3D modeler for games. I know the first job is always the hardest to find and to be honest the feeling of facing a failure from time to time after spending months improving yourself and hoping you get a step forward but it stuck.

I'm bitter a bit, that's true and I admit it. But that doesn't mean I will give up. I know exactly what I need to improve and which direction I should go after those failures.

Well, I'm making this post with the purpose of having myself some cheer up from you guys, not like a cry-baby or seeking attention. I just want to hear some positive thoughts and comments.

I believe no matter how tough you are as a person, sometimes in life you still need other people to help you, and give you their sympathy during a down time of your life. And to me, this is that moment.

Well, please come at me, mates.


  • killnpc
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    killnpc interpolator

    sorry you didn't get the job. i've been there. it's great you were able to get the opportunity, not everyone gets a test. i'm glad to see you're still at it and aren't giving up.

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky

    presumably you are going to make more art and apply for more jobs, right?

    so there is no time to feel sorry, there is work to do.

    if you share your artwork that failed I am sure some people will help you identify it's weaknesses. You can write down what the problem is, add this to a list, and then as you make new art review this list and make sure you aren't making same mistakes twice.

    The faster you fuck up a bunch of times, the more complete that list is going to get. Eventually you won't be able to fuck up anymore.

    Just a matter of keep doing work and do whatever you need to do to avoid making same mistakes twice. Helpful people will help you if you ask and thats going to be biggest boost to the speed with which you improve.

  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    Post pictures, pay attention to the feedback, act on it, post more pictures, repeat.

    This is how good happens.


    Not getting a job you apply for doesn't mean you're shit, it just means someone else was better suited. I don't always hire the most talented person, I hire the one that best complements the team they're going to

    Even more also.

    Don't be afraid to offer feedback on other people's work.

    Definitely read the feedback given to others.

    Both are great ways to learn

  • Benjammin
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    Benjammin polycounter lvl 5

    Getting an art test is a win, not a failure.

    The harder something is to attain, the more you value it.

  • Finnn
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    Finnn greentooth

    hey man dont worry about it. Its an industry with high competition, but I am sure you will do it. I believe your portfolio looks promising.

    Its just a matter of time. Its trial and error. And "failure" is just part of it. Just keep going, get out of your comfort zone once in a while and you will succeed. Like others mentioned here, a community of other artists you can learn from is invaluable. Use this resource as much as you possibly can. 😉

  • sacboi
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    sacboi insane polycounter

    "I've been working in the industry for 3 years and am now slowly transitioning to the role of a 3D modeler for games"

    You've industry experience which shouldn't present an uphill curve achieving the goal you'd set out todo rather than if starting afresh, whilst also I think worth keeping in mind - 'Paying forward-contributes too-moving forward'

    So typically sharing with others can be a two way street.

    For example I'm personally striving toward leveling up my own skillset via insight, kindly offered here:

    Modeling Breakdown

    Texturing Breakdown

    Lighting Breakdown

  • Bhasara
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    Bhasara polycounter lvl 6

    Hey mate ! I see this post dates a bit, but I've going through the forum today and stumbled upon it so I thought I'd try to help a bit since I do empathize :)

    Everything the other guys said above is completely valid. The question is also "I'm working my ass off to improve my art and skills and applying, but when will it be good enough to land a job?"

    We've all been there and man it can be brutal mentally and emotionally. At some point you may even feel like you're just not good enough, but that's not true. It's simply a human natural feeling after facing "failure" for quite some time. These trials may not even be because of your art, it's also timing, where you live, the industry situation etc.. I'm confident your skills as a person and an artist can find their place in a studio. You'll just have to be patient and resilient a keep doing it what you love. At the same time you'll keep improving anyway so I guess that's a win :)

    What helps facing these trials is telling myself that anyhow, I'll keep doing 3D art because I love doing that anyway. And as Alex_J said above "presumably you are going to make more art and apply for more jobs, right?

    so there is no time to feel sorry, there is work to do."

    I know it may not feel like much but it can help. And remember that finding a job is not only (even if it plays a big part) about your portfolio. Get on LinkedIn and grow your network can help, be part of groups online like here where you post your work and share with other artists, get out there etc... Probably many things you know but still.

    Anyways, I feel you mate, It's a tough industry to land the first job, but keep at it ! 💪

  • chien
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    chien polycounter lvl 12

    don't worry about fail

    you also have a choice not to do any test, i reject them sometimes, i do them sometimes because i want to try either learn do better or improve workflow, and it's alright, if a company not give you ajob, another company will give you a job

  • zetheros
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    zetheros polycounter lvl 8

    I wouldn't call this a fail; think of all the experience you've gained by participating in an art test. Also, this is an extremely competitive industry. If you've gotten to the point of getting an art test, a discussion was had among senior artists to choose YOU out of possibly thousands of other applicants.

    If you can, ask the recruiter why you didn't make the cut, and where you could have improved.

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