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Hi there!

I'm the developer of a sci-fi ARPG and need 10-15 small portraits for some human ship crew characters. 

Required format:

  • Head only, "passport photo" orientation.
  • Displayed at a maximum of 200 x 200 pixels on screen. 
  • Semi-realistic digital art style (not pixel art or cartoon).
  • Variety of ages, genders and ethnicities (I'll provide a list).

If this sounds like you, contact me at [email protected] with the following:

  • A link to your portfolio showing examples of characters/portraits.
  • Your rates, either hourly or per asset. If hourly, include a ballpark estimate per asset.
  • Include [SF portraits] in the subject.

I apologize in advance that I may not be able to respond individually to all candidates.

Thanks for your interest!

- Kevin

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