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Meta Human

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As part of my Level Up day at work, I choose to try out meta human and it's capabilites, this is not a one day work, but during a day I managed to find that any mesh, stylized or million tris sculpt or scan, can work with metahuman.

All you need is head to start with!

It is a very powerful tool, and I would love to explore further how to add my own hair curves or replace, as for now I have used metahuman's preset to match the identity as close as I could in a day.

I also want to try how to change textures to my own, as well the rest of the body and clothing ..

Here's the test results of August von Mackensen head model, turned into metahuman, basic first try:

and some stills after tweaking a bit:

and here's link to the orginal model rendered with Arnold: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KOez2o


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