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Looking for professional feedback and tips on generally improving

Howdy !

I'm Adrian, I'm a junior 3d environment artist having worked on Sifu and studied at Isart Digital in Paris while looking for a new opportunity. On my free time I work on improving my portfolio and 3d art methods, but I seem to have gotten into a bit of a dead end with how I can progress.

Since I'm on my own when it comes to feedback and references to other 3d artists' methods I try to learn from, I might not have quite the feedback I'm looking for, so I wanted to give Polycount a try and ask y'all for some help.

But also my big question is : what's the most efficient types of projets to do to improve globally ? Wether it be for modeling or texturing props, or learning to do modular work ? I seem to aim for overly ambitions projects and lose myself sometimes and wanted some of y'all's tips and tricks for this.

Here's some examples of my personal work :

Thank you all for your feedback and help !! <3


  • killnpc
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    killnpc interpolator

    i think the pieces displayed here are really good. your work looks clean, you have organics, terrain, architecture, ruins, you have bright, you have gloomy, you have dark, everything looks complete with an even distribution of detail. i believe you show a lot of promise.

    one aspect that's lacking in your showcase is level design which is a practical skillset to develop for environment work. take caution however, level design is a HUGE technical undertaking and will divert most your energy from your art studies. if you want to stay true to improving your art, i think you continue doing what you're doing. but maybe, looking to collab with an experienced level designer, with layouts already prepped for playtest, would gladly work with you in artifying/detailing their map.

  • RisingGear77

    That's definitely one aspect I could benefit from, especially if I wanna aim for bigger more explorable environments ! I'll have to look into it or eventually talk to some contacts if they're looking into collaborations.

    Thank you so much for your feedback !!

  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage

    I think the big thing is composition and probably lighting/contrast that could push your work further but also leading the eye/ telling a story , focal point /point of interest also clear for mid and background , balance I suggest taking some drawing or painting course on composition and apply that to your medium also do bunch of thumbnails exploration before commit to 3d

    Maybe study some old games level design quake 2 half life stuff like that its great example of how to get the most of basic forms

  • RisingGear77

    That's definitely something I need to look more into understanding better, even though I know how it works theoretically (and having trouble applying it sometimes xD)

    And I definitely need to plan and explore things better before making these projects. I draw on the side so I could take advantage of that during preproduction stages, it's definitely what I'll be doing on my next project, and work on the storytelling/composition aspects. (I started working on storytelling on my current environment I'll be sharing soon, but it's when I realized I had to rework some methods, and I think it helped me unblock myself from a lot of problems on said project !)

    Thank you so much for your feedback ! I'll defintiely be looking into level designs for a better understanding, along with better organizing myself !

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