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How many polys should character models have in a mobile game?

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So i understand that its not possible to give an exact number cause it depends from a lot of stuff, but i would be happy with an aprox, ive never developed a mobile game so i have no idea whats possible in the current day and age, since average mobile devices are pretty powerful now days.

So to give you guys a general idea of what im trying to do is a turn based combat, where as of now my idea is to have just the 2 characters and a fighting scenery (will have different scenarios , like for example a forest, a city, castle, etc...), i guess pretty similar to moral kombat mobile style. Graphics like will be sort of cartoonish, my best example for the graphics style would be zelda breath of the wild style or even Zelda skyward sword.

Zelda skyward sword style:

Im asking this because i see games like Wild Rift, the league of legends version for mobile, and the character models look so clean and detailed it looks like they have quite a good amount of polys.

So according to what i said, what do you guys think should be a proper count of polys for the characters to look good and detailed but also have a good performance for mobile, thanks in advance :D


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