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Poor texture quality with 8k input maps

I'm having texture quality issues in Marmoset. I'm using 8k maps, but in Marmoset everything looks super low and blurry and also the export is exactly in that poor quality in the end. Compared to substance you see the difference, both use the same maps. I already tried to turn off mipmaps in Marmoset (i read there was a bug once). What else could cause that issue? I did not find any (obvious) settings that could fix this. Both exports in the example pic are exported as 2k maps.


  • Tomfaysal

    Does really nobody else have issues in Marmoset with high res textures?

  • EarthQuake

    Are you working with Texture Projects in Toolbag, or is this a concern related to baking?

    Assuming this is a Texture Project export issue:

    How it works currently is if you set your export resolution (Size in Export Settings), it will composite the textures at that resolution.

    If your input map and/or Project Resolution (set in Project Settings) is higher, you may want to export at the same resolution and down sample the textures in an application like Photoshop to retain the best detail. I would recommend Bicubic (smooth gradients) when down sampling in PS. Auto or Bicubic Sharpen will downsample and then sharpen the images - which may or may not be desirable.

    We've discussed composting at the Project Resolution rather than the Export res for final exports and down-sampling automatically. This is something that we will look into adding in a future release.

  • Slevin

    Substance exports 2 normal maps, one of them has height info added, make sure you bring the 2nd one to marmoset as it seems like it is simply missing the height info

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