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[UE5] Closed Bicycle Rental

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cwchunwei triangle

Hi all! This is an environment piece based off a real bicycle rental shop that went out of business in Pulau Ubin, Singapore, done in unreal engine.

Bicycle rental shops are slowly closing off on the island, especially with the recent pandemic driving tourist traffic down. Hopefully this artwork will now let more people in the world know about the existence of these shophouses bicycle rental that existed on the tiny island of tiny Singapore.

I originally started this project in UE4, utilising RTXGI by Nvidia, and I've shifted over to UE5 ever since RTXGI became supported over there.

Most modelling were done in Maya, some in Zbrush. Some fabric made with Marvelous Designer.

Most textures are tiling/trim textures made in Substance Designer.

Some props are textured in Substance Painter.

All foliage assets are from epic store/megascans.

Hope you'll like it!

Artstation Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VyY4BZ

Here's a process GIF from the various stages of the project:

Thank you for viewing!


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