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[WIP] Stylized environment inspired by Lord of The Rings

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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of creating a stylized environment piece, inspired by some Lord of The Rings ruins. I want to create a ruin that is abandonned in the middle of a dense forest. At the same time, I want to improve my vegetation skills. The centerpiece was sculpted in Zbrush.

First pass on centerpiece:

After that one, I worked on creating some trees but they were a complete failure when in shadow. Very ugly and non-uniform. The trees are created in TreeIt. Great program!

After that, I worked some more and the fluffy trees and found a great tutorial on Youtube on how to create a fluffy effect. I was not 100% happy with the trees in TreeIt and therefore I changed them in Blender.

I added some fog cards to add some more atmoshphere and softened the shadows.

I am planning to add the following:

  • - add some moss to the ruin & environment;
  • - some butterflies to add some more atmosphere;
  • - some frontpieces (alpha cards) to create some depth
  • - do something about the black shadows on the middle, as it is bugging me at the moment of typing (didn't see it before);
  • - add a wall to the centerpiece to create some more shadows behind it;
  • - add a spotlight to the centerpiece to make it pop more;

Really looking forward to your feedback, as I am stuck on how to bring it too the next level.

Thank you!

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