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(REV SHARE) 3rd person shooter looking for rig guru from MayaLT to unreal engine

J Randall
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J Randall polycounter lvl 15

Hello my name is Jeremy and I am a 3d modeler having trouble getting a 3d model I made into unreal with the unreal mannequin skeletal pose so it will work with unreal animation control rig. Current model has the geometry ripping and tearing while animating, which points to a bad weight paint job on my part, but it does not rip or tear in MayaLT.

If you could import/open up my model and make it rigged up and working in unreal that would be awesome.

Any help will be appreciated and if we make money you make money deal.

email: earth2jeremy@gmail.com discord Jeremyin3D#9297

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