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Unreal 4 UV issue

polycounter lvl 8
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Asim7 polycounter lvl 8

Parts of this mesh has some form of weird/stretched UV's, almost every 2nd face.

If re-imported into Maya or Substance Painter, and checked with a Texture it looks correct but broken in UE4.

Would really appreciate some help with this

thanks :)

Example Pics


  • Asim7
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    Asim7 polycounter lvl 8

    Well I seem to have fixed it, if anyone runs into the same issue this is what I did.

    I had the UVs spread out on several Udims, for some reason UDIM 1-4 worked fine but above that it seems to give me this error.

    I collapsed all the UV's into a single UV UDIM and problem seems to have been solved :)

    Hope this at least helps someone if they run into a similair issue.

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