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Unity Developer/Designer (with some bonus additional skills) looking for remote paid work

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Hello everyone.

I'm a seasoned Unity developer with published titles on mobile and PC. I recently released a solo project (action roguelite) on Steam Early Access, and am currently looking for opportunities to help supplement my income, as well as to meet and work with cool new people (it's a bit isolating being a solo dev).

I particularly enjoy gameplay programming, but I have worked with most aspects of game development over the years, including UI and design tools. Quite fluent and comfortable with C#, I've been using a lot of Depency Injection with a side of ReactiveX in terms of programming patterns, but I'm adaptable to most anything.

In addition to design and code, I also dabble in orchestral music composition as a hobby, and I've recently acquired some basic video editing chops to boot. So if you are looking for someone who can potentially fill a multitude of holes on your indie team, I might be great value to you.

As I already have an unpaid project that I'm working on (my own), I am only looking for PAID roles at this time. My rate is $50/hour but it's negotiable depending on the project. I can provide further details about my credits and experience upon request.


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