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50 Warrior Mace Base Mesh - VOL 03 ( Game Ready )

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Base meshes can be used a lot, the most important of which is the use in the game industry, which can give us a lot of speed.

In all project, many items required by the artists consist of repetitive and similar items.

To increase the speed of each artist in all tasks and parts of the project, we need a library of suitable models for various purposes, such as creating high-poly or using as a low-poly.

You can spend your time designing and giving more details to your works without doing time consuming tasks like Retopology and UV.

In this package, we gather around fifty different types of Warrior Mace for you.

All of them have proper UVs, which you can create your high-poly and bake it.

All Model are under 10k tri and you can use them in game engines easily.


Package include :

•          50 3d model as FBX and OBJ

•          All models have both UV channels 1 and 2

•          Ready for the baking process

•          All Model are under 10k tris

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