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[3DSMAX] [ZBRUSH] Import/Export and scale between 3DSMAX and Zbrush

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OccultMonk interpolator
  • Zbrush works best at a unit scale of 2. Much smaller or larger gives problems with brushes, Dynamesh etc.
  • 3dmax works best at a scale of about 10x larger at least. At 2 cm modeling functions do not work properly anymore.
  • Exporting unified objects (scale of about 2) from Zbrush to 3dsmax results in objects of about 2cm in 3dsmax.

Possible solutions are to set the export scale in Zbrush to about 10-20x larger or you can set the import scale in 3dsmax to about 10x and the export size to 0.1x. But all these solutions are not that great either. The Styx Import/Export plugin has exactly the same problem if you want both applications to work at their optimal units size. Scale master can set the scale for export, but not Import.

My question is, what is the best way to let both Zbrush and 3dsmax work at their optimal scales? Maybe you can change the unit scale in 3dsmax to meters instead of centimeters? But that would result in about a scaling of 100x instead of 10-20x


  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero quad damage

    You could made yourself a scale rig Its really simple you need a container -> empty group / object , parent constrain your model to this container and you have functional transformational rig , now just have to experiment with number for the scale value , imported data xN exported /N N is scale value You could make yourself a 2 line script to do that for you

  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master

    I heard that a unified object in zB is an optimal size for sculpting. Unify your object in zB, GoZ it to Max. Just set up a cube in Max at the scale and position you want your end scale/size to be. GoZ to Max adjusting the Export parameters till the object fits in the Max cube. You can just keep GoZing the sucker till it fits in Max cause the adjusted object will overwrite the previous attempt.

    Dunno bout Max, but Blender's GoB exports at a different scale to zB's fbx export. Just handy to check.

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