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[PAID][REMOTE][CONTRACT] Technical Artist at Madruga Works

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Madruga Works, the creators of Planetbase and Dawn of Man, are looking for a Technical Artist to help on the prototyping of their new title. This is a remote job, you will be working with us to create all kind of placeholders to test the game mechanics.


-Create placeholders for all kind of assets, such as props, particles, characters or animations

-If the applicant is especially skilled on any of the previous fields, on a further stage of the development, he/she could be also in charge of the final assets of his/her field of expertise.


- Proficiency in Unity.

- Proficiency in Blender.

- Being an organized person, able to follow naming conventions consistently.

- Being familiar with version control (SVN).

- Being familiar with XML.

- Being able to create simple rigs and animations.

- Being able to create simple particle effects.

Extra Points:

- Being familiar with HDRP.

- Lighting Knowledge.

- Artistic skills.

- Available on GMT +/- 3 hours.

Please send us your portfolio and your usual rates to "jobs at madrugaworks dot com" (Please mention “Technical Artist” in the subject).

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